Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Our project meeting in Finland

Day 1

The Hungarian team.
Here, the journey started.It is 12:00 midnight.We started from Yalova.It will take too much time.When we arrived at the airport , ıt was 03:45. We waited for check in.After , we passed through passport control we sat somewhere to wait for our plane to Kiew.When arrived at Kiew airport , ıt was 08:05. We had conflict flight so, took our place for the second flight.We arrived at Helsinki at 11:30 . We had lots of time for the third flight , so we sat somewhere and had our coffeess.We took our third flight at  16:00. We arrived at Oulu at 17:00. Our friends were waiting for us.They took us to one of the shopping center because we had to wait for other group.They picked us from the shooping center with everyone.Now, we had another journey  to Haapajarvi.It took about 2 hours .

Finally, we were at the hotel.We started check-in procedures.Everyone was in their rooms now.After , we settled  down . We went upstairs for dinner.After dinner,everyone was free.Now, ıt was time to relax and sleep. Because , we were all very tired after that long journey.

Day 2

We had breakfast and left the hotel.We arrived at Valioja school.We walked around in the school.We examined the school with classess and parts.We  joined opening ceremony.We watched students’ performances.After that, we had coffee-break.

After break, we took part in classes.We entered to the classess.We had lessons with students.
At 12:30 ,the shool ended.The students left school.Then, according to program we visited a secondary school training students on agriculture.We saw bio-gas production  and the machines working with it.We really liked the schoool.We learned more about Finnish education System.

We visited the Mayor.We went to the Church in the town.They informed us about the system.After that, we went  to the shopping center to do shopping.After coffee-braek we went to the hotel.
For dinner, we went to a restaurant.We had our dinner  and had a great time together  and then we left there.We went to hotel to relax and sleep.


We woke up early in the morning and had breakfast.After breakfast, we got on the bus waiting for us.We all went to kokkola  which was about 2 hours  a way from there.It was a sea shore.We had  soup and  banana there.We enjoyed our time although it was a bit cold.We took pictures and walked aroun there.

After that, we went to  the sports center to watch the final match but it was postponed because of the air conditions.We didnt wait for it.It was host school’s football team.

We saw Neristan Wooden House to see different homes .It was a house fair in 2011.Then, we went to a museum for wild animals and Stones.It was really interesting.We all enjoyed it.After that, we had about 2 hours free time.We had shopping and lunch at that time.
Then, we went to a zoo and museum where there were different types of home.We had cofffe after walking around.We really liked there.It was very natural.At 16:30 we left there and arrived at Hapaajarvi about two hours later.We had dinner at Kulkuri Hotel.Then, everyone went their rooms to relax.

Days 4

We had breakfast.At 08:15 our host group took us from the hotel.We went to host school.We took part in the activities.We were in wood work class.We examined the students doing different shapes.It was techical classroom.We worked on the woods to make square shapes.There were required machines.These activities were especially for  5. And 6. Grades.After that, we went to other classess.We were in the textile classes where students  are trained about handcrafts.They were very beneficial activities.Students learn to imagine and make different things.These help them control their hand skills.

After school, we went to a sports area.It was  a big place.There were baseball,scoccer , ice –hockey etc. Squares.They took us to baseball area.They taught us the differences between American and Finnish baseball rules.We had chance to practice and play.We enjoyed playing.It was a different experience for us.
We had a funny time to solve the questions prepared by partners  about Project  activities and countries.We visited different places on foot to answer the questions and find the right answers.We finished the game with other partners and met a secondary school in Hapaajarvi.It was  a huge school designed with workshops.There were a lot of techical classsess.We really appreciated the system.That is a big chance for the students to attend this school.There were many laboratories.

After coffeee-break, we walked through the forest by the rivers.We walked about 1,5 km.Then we arrived at picnic area.We had coffee and cookies there.It was an excellent place.

In the evening,we went to school at about 18;30.We met the families and Mayor there.We had great time there.We watched farewell program and dinner with friends.We gave presents each other and said good bye to everyone.We left the school at about 20:30 with really nice memories.


We left hotel about 07:20 after we had breakfast.It was sad to leave.But on the other side, we would see our families at home.After a very long and tiring journey we arrived at home midnight.We were very happy to visit Finland and see our partners to do Project activities.

The Turkish Team

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