Thursday, 30 October 2014

Recycling in my house

A contest for eCLUE students

1.Prepare a photo album, a presentation or a video about the recycling in your house.
 Answer these questions:
a)Do you segregate rubbish?
b)Do you use special containers, bins, bags for rubbish?
c)What do you do with the household waste such as fruit or vegetables peelings? Do you make your own compost?
d) How often is the rubbish collected from your house/flat?

2. An album, presentation, video must be uploaded till Christmas 2014
3. The students from a winning country will be given prizes.





Visit Krzysiek's house and see how his family care about the environment.

The environment is also important for Daniela's family.See her presentation

Michał's family take care about the environment this way





Monday, 27 October 2014

Recyling ideas!

A good recycling idea: worths sharing!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

European Day of Language 26.9.2014 from Luarca

We have distributed the different project countries and we have learned the basic vocabulary to survive: Hello, goodbye, yes, no, thanks, etc.

Monday, 13 October 2014

The 4th project meeting in Cserkesolo, Hungary


This is newspaper`s story our Comenius trip.




You're welcome to see a photo album  Our story   

                                  Köszönöm  Cserkeszőlő 

"I am very happy that I am in the Comenius project.  I met new friends and new cultures. I had trip to Hungary. I lived in a very hospitable family. I saw  daily life basis in this country. Not very different from life in Poland. The food at the Hungarian family was tasty. People in Hungary are very nice. Often, smile and laugh. Hungarian school is similar to Polish. I have very good memories of this exchange. I am happy to go back there again."
                                                                                                                         Emilia,12 years old

When I found out that I have the opportunity to participate in the Comenius meeting in Hungary I was very excited. With impatience I counted days to leave. But when the Polish border was long behind me I began to worry. I was not sure what to expect. I think not only me was feeling like that. None of the participants did really know what to expect. The long lasting  journey  made the scenario  in my mind even worse. Finally it turned out that the next few days completely exceeded my expectations. Fortunately in a good way.
Already after the first 5 minutes spent with my host family I felt like I knew them for ages. They accepted me in as if I was indeed the long-awaited family member. I really felt so welcome. I lived in a beautiful house with a large lovely family which consist of parents and 3 children and also very dear grandparents. Although we sometimes could not find a common language especially with  parents and grandparents it didn’t bother us to communicate. We just managed to create a friendly attachment and get to know each other. We were able to get to know a part of the tradition and culture of our country.
Besides friendly host family I also met in Hungary plenty of other great people that I will remember for a long time. Thanks to them I felt in CSERKESZŐLŐ as good as at home. And I think that's the point of Comenius meetings , isn’t it?
Emilia (15)



Thank you for the lovely memories that we will never forget!


Day 1
We took the flight from Roma Fiumicino at about 12:20 and we landed at 14:30. Our flight was a bit delayed. We found Aliz at the Budapest airport and the Turkysh and Polish delegations already waiting for us in the bus.

After a 2 hours trip we got to Cserkesolo. The hosting families were already waiting for us. All the pupils were entrusted to the assigned families and they spent the afternoon with them.
The teachers groups registered at the reception and went to their rooms. Italian delegation was given an indipendent house set in a corner of this big resort. When we discovered that we were in the middle of a Thermal Facility everybody was really excited!!!!

Aliz was busy intruducing the foreign pupils to the hosting families. At the beginning eveyone was a bit shy and they needed to "break the ice".

The Polish delegation arrived with their own bus. They didn't take any plane, they drove from Poland to Hungary and they were a big group.

In the evening we had a pleasant dinner all together, we could taste some Hungarian dishes and we had our fist experience with Palinka, a strong local distilled... 52 volumes!!!!!

Day 2
We wake up at 7:30 and had a great breakfast. We went to the local school Cserkeszőlői Petőfi Sándor Általános for the Welcome Cerimony. The Headteacher gave us a warm welcome and she gave a formal speech on stage. Also the Mayor gave a speech, then the kids show began. 
There were dancings, folk music with local instruments, and a beautiful choir that sang also an italian song, Azzurro by Adriano Celentano, but they sang it in Hungarian... this really surprised and amazed us.
But my favourite performance was the chicked dance :-)

The school was tidy, neat and warm. Everything was in place to make us feel welcome.  

There was a very collaborative English teacher, Mr. Zoltan, who helped with translations.
Mr. Zoltan accompained the delegations also for the rest of the stay explaining things to us.

The kids performances were just lovely, you could see that there was a great preparation ad training before the event. 

This chicked dance was hilarious, we really liked it. These kids were really good!!!

These kids had a beautiful and neat voice, they sang like angels.

This choir sang some folk songs, accompained by their music teacher and a local folk musician, they were playing old folk instruments. But when they started singing the Hungarian version of "Azzurro" (a famous Italian song) we were so amazed.... it was a big unexpected surprise :-) everyone was clapping keeping the beat.

We exchanged some mutual gifts and then our kids went away with thir hosting families. Accompanying teachers went visiting the school and to give a music lesson, while coordinators had a meeting.

During the afternoon we visited a beautiful huge botanic park named Szarvas where we had a long walk with a local guide. It was an immersion in a green and peaceful pathway till the “Small Hungary”, a garden with miniatures of the most famous national monuments, there was aldo a funny toy-train travelling around (I really liked that) :-)
Then we went to the river dock and we took a boat for a ride, up and down the river. The evening ended with a pleasant dinner in a local restaurant near the Park.

Day 3 (Budapest)
Everybody was waiting for it, since only one of us (Sabrina) had already visited the city, for the most of us this was the very first time. After a couple of hours by bus we arrived to Budapest. The monumental look of the city impressed us immeditely. We first had a walking tour in PEST with a local guide to the Heroes Square, the Vajdahunyad Castle (where we took many pictures), the Parlament Palace where we had our sandwiches. Then we jumped on the bus again to go to the high part of the city, BUDA. The Fisherman's Bastion and the massive buldings were beautiful, eveybody was busy taking pictures.

Actually we realised that there were too many things to see and the time was too short. Budapest is worth a long holiday to discover every corner of the city.

The school prepared a lunch-pack for all of us with sandwiches, fruit and snacks. The Parliament area was quite and perfect to have a break and eat. But the break was short, there was so much to see and time always flies....

Day 4
This day was dedicated to the lessons given to the primary school pupils and visiting a local lace-maker house where we discovered how the locals keep this tradition alive.

In the late morning kids had a lot of fun in a mini school-driving game in our resort, and then they went on a horse carriage. We had lunch at school and we had free afternoon to experience the SPA.

In the late afternoon we went to the school again to take part at the Farewell Cerimony. There was a huge buffet with dozens and dozens of tasty dishes. An old lady in a traditional dress was teaching kids how to decorate ginger-cookies. A group of local folkloric dancers, accompained by an ensemble, offered an energetic performance of traditional dances, and then they involved the guests in a group dance for the rest of the evening. Everyone had good time dancing, jumping and running in circle... we sweated a lot!!! The evening ended with a warm lesson about Palinka. It was a really intense and exciting evening.
Everybody was sad we had to go (somebody cried) the farewell took a long time... the stay was just too short.

There was also an out-of-the-program event, since it was the birthday of one of our Finnish collegues. They made her a big surprise cake.

Day 5
We had to wake up at 5:00 to leave. We got to the airport after 2 hours by bus. We went back to Italy with a lot of memories.