Sunday, 25 May 2014


Getting ready to move to Latina...have a look at the rules!!

*It will take place in the school garden the day 3 of June at 16:00
*Kids will be organized in 4 mixed groups. Each group will be of 5 pupils, 4 visitors of different nationalities + 1 Italian.
Group RED, Group GREEN, Group BLUE, Group WHITE.

There is a START POINT where each group will be given an ANSWER PAPER with 15 questions and a pen. On this paper there is a “start time box” and an “arrival time box”.
On the “start time box” the judges will write the exact TIME each group begins to play.

            Group RED starts playing at 16:04
            Group GREEN starts playing at 16:06
            Group BLUE starts playing at 16:08
            Group WHITE starts playing at 16:10
Judges will use a CHRONOMETER and each group-time will be calculated individually.

There is a “check point” on the other side of the garden with 4 maps of the area. Maps include 15 numbered points kids have to localize in the garden. The 4 maps are identical but the 15 points on each map have been numbered differently, so there will be the map for GROUP RED, the map for GROUP GREEN and so on…

Each group have to check ONLY its own map

Each point-number on the MAP identifies a point in the garden. Each number is also a question on the ANSWER PAPER.
Example: The point n° 1 on the map is the question n° 1 on the ANSWER PAPER. The point n° 2 on the map is the question n° 2 on the ANSWER PAPER. The point n° 3 on the map is the question n° 3 on the ANSWER PAPER …. Each group has its own question paper (and its own map).
On each point (it can be a tree, a bench, a wall, a window…) there will be a visible paper sign. Kids have to read the question on the “paper sign” and write the answer on the ANSWER PAPER.

At the end of the 15 answers the group will give the ANSWER PAPER to the ARRIVAL POINT.
Judges will check the answers and calculate the total time.
For each wrong answer the group is penalized.

The group that finishes in the shortest time (and gives correct answers) WINS.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

e-CLUE breakfast

Let´s see if we have a similar or different breakfast. What do you think? Do we eat the same? Do we like salted or sweet food for breakfast?

What about our family habits?


Have a look and write a something about your breakfast similar or not?, what is your favourite breakfast or if you have something different; if you like having breakfast; if you´d like to have some other country´s breakfast. We are eager to know about YOU!


  Me and my family (A pupils from Latina)


Turkish students' breakfast habits... Seems a little bit different!


Let's meet some teachers and students from Poland and see what                                 they have for breakfast

                                 Teacher one                      student                   Teacher two

         Student one                                   STUDENT TWO                          student three

                             student four                                           student five

student six                                      STUDENT SEVEN                                student eight

                             student nine                                                    STUDENT TEN



Finnish girl Veera and her story about family, breakfast and hobbies

Here you can see what kind is ordinary Finnish family and their life.


We asked our children to let us know about their breakfast at home.

Clic here to see Manuel´s presentation (Spain) 

Some of our children and his mainstream teacher talking about their favourite breakfast.


In this Prezi you can see some pictures of the typical Hungarian breakfast and the way how we celebrate birthdays in our country.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Our students' penguin dance in 23rd April - Children's Day:

(Note: Watch it HD )

And some pictures from this special day...

Dear Esra,
It's wonderful!!

Our "Hokey Pokey Dance" :)