Thursday, 27 March 2014

The memory of unforgettable days
The final report of the second meeting was in charge of Hungary this time

Day 1
On Monday morning we were really looking forward to starting our journey to Gorlice in Poland. We left Cserkeszőlő at 11 p.m. It was a little bit long travelling but during the trip we enjoyed ourselves; we were listening to music, telling jokes to each other and were admiring the beautiful landscapes.
It was the first time for us to spend some days far from our families at almost unknown families so we were very excited. We were thinking about whether we could understand the members of the hosting families and miss our parents.
At last at 18.15 we arrived at Hotel Margot in Gorlice where the families were waiting for us. They were really happy to see us. After introducing ourselves they took us to their homes. All of the rooms of their houses were shown us. After talking about our school and family we had tasteful soup with white sausage and eggs which is a very popular dish in Poland. I liked it! After dinner we played with their dog and cat. They were really kind to me and the next day all of my friends told me the same about their host families.

Day 2
We got up at 7 on Tuesday at our host family and after a nice sandwich we went for the first meeting in the local school. Our Polish friends gave us a really warm welcome. There were nice posters about the Comenius partners by the entrance of the school.
We were sent to one of the gyms where teacher Ela and the school principal welcomed us and then we sang our song, Imagine.
The participants showed the school of their pairs which they were working together during the video lessons. After the welcome ceremony we went to a classroom for an art workshop, we were working with coloured sand.
Then we visited the Mayor of Gorlice and after lunch we went on a trip in the streets of Gorlice. It was a really exciting competition, we had to follow a map and complete different tasks. We had to find out dates, names, objects which are very important in the history of Gorlice. The weather was pleasure, the town is well-kept, clean and the tasks were interesting so we had a really good time there!
After the trip our hosts were waiting for us and they took us home. The dinner was spaghetti and some juice. We were talking and went to bed early because the day was a little bit tiring but very enjoyable!

Day 3
The most exciting day of the week was Wednesday because it was full of surprises and the all the day was very eventful! After having breakfast at the hosting family we went to school to take part on different lessons. We have never waited for a day at school like this one.
On Biology lesson we had to recognise and take to the right place of an insect’s parts of body and later to find out what can be seen through a microscope. It was really funny! But when we named this insect in our languages and children from the other countries tried to pronounce it-it was the funniest thing! Later we took part on a Mathematic lesson with colouring our flags and a Music lesson singing two songs, we were very happy. Singing together was unforgettable for all of us. After it we were on an ICT lesson where our knowledge about traffic was improved.
The class tournament was the other part of the competition which was based on the knowledge of the e-CLUE project countries. The Polish children were representing our countries with their clothes. We enjoyed  the interesting and challenging tasks we had to complete. Our Comenius group came second!
The next programme was the local museum. This place  was very touching for us, the Hungarians because the history of Hungary and Poland is common in many ways and we knew that the oldest building in Gorlice was used for storing wine from Tokaj in Hungary! The treasure of this territory was the oil and we learned a lot about using petrol.
After so much excitement we became very hungry and the pizza in a super restaurant was really tasteful!
We spent a few hours with shopping and buying some small surprises for our families.
By the evening we were so tired and full of experiences that the only wish for us was sleeping.  I dived to deep dream in a minute and slept till the morning.
Thanks a lot for this beautiful day!

Day 4
After having a tasteful sandwich we met the Comenius group at school at 9.00. We got on our bus and went on a trip. The first stop was a nice old church which has a special atmosphere. This church is in Sekowa and called St. Jacob the Apostles’ Church.  It is made of wood and masses are said there.
Then we visited a cemetery where soldiers of the World War I are buried.  We found many Hungarian graves in this peaceful cemetery surrounded by huge pines.
The next stop of our trip was a small place called Zagroda Maziarska which is famous of its itinerant trade slime and grease. In the yard we played traditional games which were really funny. We didn’t miss our telephones! The best thing here was the riding on carts! Later in Klimkówka we tried writing with quill-pens and making clay potteries.
After the trip we went back to the house of our Polish friends and packed our baggage. We were so sad when we had to say goodbye to them. The last programme of our staying in Gorlice was the final ceremony at school. It was held in the large gym. We were singing together and the Polish pupils gave us a nice concert. We were given gifts as well!
When we had finished the farewell supper we went back to the hotel and said goodbye to the other partners and started our journey back to home.
We are very thankful for the Polish to organise this unforgettable meeting and we hope we will meet them again! 

Monday, 24 March 2014

Our stay in Gorlice

Have a look and see in short what we did in our second e-CLUE project mobility both for teachers and children. This time Poland welcomed us all.
We did enjoy very much, meet new people,  learn a lot of things and share experiences.

Thanks to the e-CLUE team but especially to Ela, our colleague from Poland, and her team for their fantastic work this time. They and all the people from Gorlice made things easy being helpful and close to us. Dziękuję! 

A full report will be published by the Hungarian team soon.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Sea breeze from Luarca to Gorlice, in Poland

The youngest  pupils in our school have designed this poster. They trust the oldest pupils to take it to Poland on Monday.

We are taking some sea breeze from Luarca to Poland, far, faaaar away... isn't that amazing?


Children from MZS4 patient!

On Tuesday you will feel it.

By for now.