Wednesday, 16 October 2013

First project meeting

    It will be held in Asturias (Spain) from 13th to 15th November.

 What are they expecting to see? What are we expecting to feel? 

   We are  all quite excited because we do not know each other yet, but we already know WE are very nice  teachers and pupils. 

  We are both excited and nervous; what about you?

    We hope they enjoy our school, our city and region. Luarca is waiting for you!


Thursday, 3 October 2013

e-CLUE Logo Contest

We need a logo for our Comenius partnership

Would you like to help us?
 Each student from the six schools involved in the Comenius project is invited to take part in this contest to find our logo.

This is what you have to do:

 - Design a beautiful, shocking, impressive......... logo, and give it to your teacher. (Deadline: 15th  October 2013).
 - In each country both the teachers and the students will vote for the best logo.
 - And finally the project logo will be chosen during the first meeting in Spain.

You must have into account five important things:

The logo must be designed in bright colours.
You can take into account the countries involved, the project’s content or duration.
You can use any Arts and Craft technique.
Your logo will include the title “e-CLUE”.
Simple is best, do not over complicate you design with many details.


The final logo, will get … GUESS WHAT!!       ??